Tuesday, June 19, 2018

the wood

                              Writing a narrative

On a scary day we went camping and we were just looking for some wood and we found a scary house.

While I was in the woods I felt a little shiver going up my spine which made me more sacred just like we are being watched. Everyone stayed calm but one was scared because someone might be a Wicked witch living in that creepy demented house. There I went in the house, we knew we had to investigate so we found blood on the floor and we Got crept out. Went up to the 2nd floor  and found a knife and it had blood on it so we pick it up so we can be armed so if some wrong happens we can fight back.

After awhile I saw someone going in a room and he disappear then we found out he was a ghost. It was so fast we can’t even catch him but then i saw secret room and i found  behind the bookcase it was a door noob so we opened it it was a scary room and then i saw the same man on a photo the wall then we knew this man it was the council of our camp and his name was jeff the killer because he went to jail for killing people. We knew we could not call the cops because there was no service. So we locked him up in chains and left him there.

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