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recipes of fritters

Potato and onion fritters recipes

Material        ingredients       ingredients  

A Spoon       an olive oil               2 potato
A Pan           a  onion                    2 onions
A Plates        potato           1 cup of chickpea                                                          
A knife      chickpea flour     4 cup of olive         
                                                    2 cups of water
                                                    Salt to taste
                                            Some black pepper

1.peel the tomato and wash it .

2.get a boil then put  one cup of chickpea  then put  the water in the  boil then mix it up.

3.get the pan then wait until the pan go hot then get the tomato and the onions put in the boil then mix it up.

4.get the boil put in the pan then wait until one minute turn around the fritters  then when your finish turn off the pan.

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Screenshot 2017-05-12 at 12.47.38.pngToday after morning tea Mrs. Sharma got two chocolate and she gave us small  pieces of the chocolate. And we smelled the chocolate  and we tasted the chocolate and Lidia record us.And  first we taste the dark chocolate and which  is not too much sugar. And the sugar which is   ten gram.Then  Mrs Sharma gave us the second the  and we all smelled and chocolate  which is too much sugar . And which is fifty grams.and the second is yum because the second is lots of sugar and the first is yuck because that's not have too much sugar and because the first we eat is healthy.

mount everest

                                            WALT to a picture about mount everest


                                         WALT to find samoa in the map

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TPS ANZAC ceremony

Today after morning tea we celebrated  the A.N.Z.A.C which stands for A for  Austria
NZ for New Zealand A for air force   and C for  Corps .and then  Milan and Michael presented
It is about the soldiers who died in world war one. After that Ms. Kyla sang karanga to call everyone then after that we sang the national anthem. Then each class represent there items.
I really  felt sad for the soldiers who died in world war one. Screenshot 2017-05-04 at 14.15.25.png

recount-vegetable soup

I woke up in the morning and I got changed into my uniform. I took my vegetables and  then I went to school and I saw lots of ingredients on the table. And then we peeled the carrots and potatoes . After that we put the ingredients in the pot. And then Mrs Sharma cooked the soup. After one hour we ate the soup and then Mrs Sharma brought some  bread.  After we finished our food Mrs Sharma gave some soup to the teachers.