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summary about the panmure bridge

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  • After some years the bridge kept on breaking down so they destroyed it and made a better one so they had to raise enough money so they can pay for the bridge  .
Sometimes it took hours for the swing bridge to open and close because of the tides.

Second bridge
1913 it was obvious that that a new bridge would be required they had to use Reinforced concrete and Motor vehicles were displacing horses and a wider bridge was desirable.Finally he cut the ribbon and drove a heavy traction engine across the new bridge to prove the ability of the structure to take heavy loads. On 14th august 1916 however by 1930 serious faults in the new bridge were reported when a large crack across the full width of the bridge at the southern end was discovered,This bridge was demolished in 1959 after the present bridge was opened.

Third bridge
This latter bridge is a three-lane reinforced high-level bridge, with the centre lane used for westwards traffic flow in the morning and eastwards in the afternoon,A new bridge was built in 1959  

this is about william johnson

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

walt about different kinds of bridges

my art bridge


    in  tuesday, we made our own bridge.
we made our bridge with wet paint and vivid,
from yesterday we were learning about differents kind of bridge like arch,swing bridge and beam.


our Bridge

Today we learnt about different kinds of bridges.
we used dry pasta to help us make models of some of the different kinds of bridges we learnt we learnt about

we learnt about


here is a link to my video talking about my bridge

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Rollercoaster story

When we got to roller coaster I could hear people in front of me talking. The man john said to his wife “lucy are you scared”
She replied in horrified voice “i'm terrified” she said.
        As the lemon coloured cart shunted forward it went up
 To the sky, john and jesse saw a bright kikorangi sky touching the big horizon.

As the cart is at the top it went down super fast me and jesse saw people on the ground looking like an ants.
When were going down it went rolling on the rails we said weeee! As we land on the end.