Tuesday, December 11, 2018

santa letter

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Dear Santa:

Dear santa i really like the gifts/present because i really need them for school and for my gaming. Thank you for giving me the headphones because i get to talk to my friends on my game and thank you very much for giving me a cool  shoe that i can use to school every day and thank you for giving the coolest bag that i can use for school.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Tessalaetion is when there is lots of the shape and there's no spaces in between them.

Explaining what transformation is

Here is my video showing what the different kinds of transformation like rotation and reflection.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Statement: Students should pick their own teachers!

Statement: Students should pick their own teachers!

I believe that kids should pick their own teacher.

I agree that they should not pick their own teacher because the teacher can be lazy, bad at learning or could be to easy.

In my opinion kis should pick their own teacher because some teachers can be good at teaching and some are lazy.

The truth is if kids pick their own teacher the kids might not listen to the teacher.

Most people will agree the kids can have some  free time but not every day.

I disagree that kids should not pick their own teachers because the teachers can be dumb.

Just imagine that teachers were kids and kids were teachers the teacher would be dumb and the student would be smart.

To start with, kids will not learn that much.

My opinion is that they should not have free time because they will not learn that much .

However they will be very dumb if they have to much free time.

Statement: Cars should be banned!


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

santa leter

Dear Santa,

My name is Railey and I am 10 years old and my favorite that thing that i do at my home is by playing games.

This Christmas I really need a guitar and a pick for guitar  for 10 year old (150cm)
Image result for guitarImage result for pick for guitar
I would really want a gaming headset for ps4 so i could speak to people

Thank you so much Santa, this is going to be the best Christmas ever.

Yours sincerely and Merry Christmas,

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

yoga challenge 2

On Wednesday 17th of October 2018  room 7 were practicing their Niuean words for our Niuean language week after that Ms,Ashley told us to put the tables to the side and chairs to the back so room 7 can do their activity for their writing. “Are you ready” Ms Ashley replied
Room 7 replied “yes
Ms,Ashley replied “our activity is going to be the yoga challenge”.

The first yoga picture that we have to do is the circle one which is really easy because all room 7 boys work together to the first picture
The second one is kind of hard because you have to push yourself up. For me i couldn't do it because i can't handle my heavy weight.

I think i would do this again because it was funny and embarrassing because when you fall you might get embarrassed from the people so i think i would this again.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

blindfold challenge

WHAT: Blindfold challenge.
WHERE: room 7
WHY: For fun
WHEN: Friday 21st September 2018, 9.10am
HOW: got into buddies, Miss Ashley arranged the furniture
WHO: Room 7 students

  • Get in buddies
  • Miss Ashley gave instructions and rules - points.
  • In your head, made a plan of which way to go
  • Say who your buddy was.
  • Feelings: paralysed, nervous, scared, excited, sleepy, felt comfortable because I had done it before, trust my buddy??? Felt like i was going the wrong. Felt like a robot.
  • How did it feel to have a blindfold on?
  • Happened: lost points because we touched the paper/tables, fell over,
  • Banged into each other.
  • Table pushed me to the side
  • Furniture was like spikes in Fortnite.
  • Screaming like it was a justin bieber concert
  • Kaboom
  • “ahhh”
  • Tell them to “go straight, go left and right, go on the chair and jump on it, crawl, climb over, duck, stop stop stop, lean over, reach out, grab the chair, step over, confirm or deny”
  • Felt like the general of an army, an army of one.
  • Felt like: excited, angry, nervous, strong, fearless, in control,
CONCLUSION: (Choose one of these)
  • My favourite was..
  • I felt ..
  • It was easy/hard because..
  • I would or wouldn’t do this again because...


On Friday 21st September room 7 got into buddies for our blindfold challenge just to have fun. When me my buddie Leon were ready , Miss. Ashley told us all the rules of the game no touching tables because we will lose points and if you touch papers on the we will lose points.

Paragraph 2
When Miss. Ashley we’re making the furniture flat for the blindfold challenge ready I was telling  Leon who should go first? Leon replied “I think I should go first” “Ok” i said I was so nervous because i might tell him the wrong way but when it’s me Leon’s turn I feeling confident because it’s my first time guiding my friend. “Yaaaaaaaaaaay” I said we didn't touch the tables and paper so we get 10 points but it's your turn Leon nooooo” I said it's my turn  i'm going to fail.

Paragraph 3
When it's my turn to be blindfold  i was so terrified because i might fall from the chairs.

Paragraph 4: conclusion

Structure and language
Sentence structure

Next steps/things to work on

Monday, September 24, 2018

fixing our story

Here is our edited story.
Things we learnt about were
We aren’t allowed to use then, and, also and because at the beginning of a sentence.
Speech marks go on the OUTSIDE of the full stop or other punctuation.
The end of a sentence can be marked by a full stop, an exclamation mark or a question mark. You don’t need to put an extra full stop after a question mark.
Remember to check ALL capital letters. Sometimes we need to put them in and sometimes we need to take them out.
On Monday 24th September 2018 Room 7 did a blindfold challenge. We wanted to have fun and make our morning a bit interesting by playing a game.

Firstly Miss Ashley told us the rules which was “no touching the tables or pieces of paper on the floor or you will lose points.“  However you are allowed to touch the chairs because you sometimes have to step over them to get to the end. Next we got into buddies. My buddy was Lucina.  We had to line up by the heater in our buddies.

First it was my turn to go so Lucina (my buddy)  put the blindfold on me (over my eyes) and helped me to stand up. The blindfold was tight it felt like a constrictor boa on my face. I felt so confused and disorientated because the blindfold was covering my eyes. Lucina told me to “go left, right, straight and step over.” I was feeling nervous and a little bit scared because “what if she was tricking me?“ and I was really doing something silly. I got to the end safely and took my blindfold off.

Next it was my buddies turn so I helped her put the blindfold on. I told her to walk straight first, then next turn left. She doesn’t know her lefts and rights so she went the wrong way.I said “no your other left” and it was a little bit funny. In the end we got to the blue fruit tray and we made it without losing any points!

I think I would like to do this activity again because it was cool to do something different and fun in class especially since it’s the end of the term and I think we are all feeling kind of tired.

Friday, September 21, 2018

recount about yoga


WHAT: partner yoga challenge
WHERE: inside Room 7
WHEN: Monday 17th September 2018, in the morning, first thing in the morning
WHO: Room 7 students
WHY: have fun
HOW: miss had a slideshow, kids in partners.

  • Flexible, splits, lift, push, hold yourself up, hold hands, clasp hands, grip, hips, shoulders, balance, fall, collapse, tumble, flattened,

  • Roll, got into partners, move the furniture away,
  • Miss explained what we were doing
  • First pose -  easy, happy, going to get harder, confused, confident, trust and feel comfortable with partner

  • Challenging
  • Making shapes with our bodies
  • Keeping calm, trying your best
  • Which ones did you try AND FAIL?
  • Which ones were really HARD?

  • Most complex or difficult poses..
  • Which ones did you try AND FAIL?
  • Which ones were really HARD?

  • My favourite one was..
  • The hardest one was...


On monday 17th of September 2018 room 7 students were split up into two groups so we could play the yoga challenge to have fun my buddy was Fereti, when miss was putting the first picture we were so excited for the first round.
Paragraph 1
When the first picture came it was so challenging for me but when I looked again to the picture I was starting to get the moves Correctly, the first step that I did is to fold Your legs and hold the hands and pull. The next picture that I have to do is to hold your buddies hand to put the feet at the top touching the other person's feet, if your done hold your buddies hand.

Paragraph 2
“Oh no” I said this is gonna be hard because me and my buddie have to push our body up and my buddy has to go at top of my body I was so terrified because Fereti might get really hurt so I went and told him not to do.
When last round came I told fereti not to do the last one because you have to flip and try not fall.

Paragraph 3: conclusion
I would never do this again because it almost made me puke because I was so tired could not breathe because I was coughtfing to much.

Checked by:

Recount checklist ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓
Surface features
Capital letters at the beginning of a sentence
Capital ‘I’
Capital letters for names of places and people
Full stops at the end of a sentence
Speech marks when people are talking
Punctuation - ? ! ; : ‘

Words are written in past tense

Connectives - next, then, afterwards

Interesting and difficult adjectives

Deep features

Introduction has who, what, when, where, why, and how

Conclusion has a reflective statement or says how you felt

Ideas/events in the right order

3 paragraphs

Metaphors and similes

Onomatopoeia, alliteration and/or idiom

Different types of sentences - short, long, compound and complex

One thing (railey) did well was putting the thing when he finish talking

One thing (railey) need to work on is making a good sentence