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the dark chocolate

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Dark chocolate is good to eat because it has less sugar but more coco we need to read the labels to find which chocolate is healthy.

the whole grain and refined grain

Image result for brown bread  Image result for white bread
Whole grain breads are good because they are made of whole grain.
White breads are made out of refined grain.these breads are known as white breads and not very nutritious.


a balnce plate

Friday, June 23, 2017

tapa cloth

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This is a tapa cloth  the first picture is a wave of new zealand I like it because I like wave and I like to swim.  The next one is football because I like to play all the ball like a soccer.  The third is the big city in New Nealand I like it because I like the city and its cool. Tnd the fourth is symbol of family because I like the picture and I love it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

te tui

                       The teui
 Yesterday we went to the  te tui with parent’s. when we were there we lined up and went to the te tui and then ms sharma talked to the girl then we all went and followed the girl and then all my friends saw lots of pipes in there.And then the girl said my name in soleme then she told all the things what they got there .And  then we went to the class program and the girl said to our class to come. And get a apron and we sat down in the chair and see the paper and then the girl said look at her.and she told us everything about tapa and then we color the paper with brown and then she teach us how to paint the whole paper and then we did it and then we draw our things and then we paint with a super black paint and then we wipe the table and wash our hand and lined up and then we walk to the outside and we try the shower and it work then we went to inside and looked the things what they got then we went to their to the news and  she told us what's happening to television and then we went to the creepy sound it was about they made a dirt they buy it and then we sat down and watch after leave we talk about what we saw after we went to the bus.
we talk about what we saw to the te tui

tip top factory

                                    Tip Top
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Last friday the whole syndicate went to the tip top factory for learning to know what inside in the factory.

When we come to tip top factory first we went to the playground and have fun .

Then ms ashley came to called us to run.
Then there were in the line and the girl was talking about the tip top and the girl said their were lots of dangerous in the tip top factory then we
We came to the tip top factory.

Then when we came to the factory we went to the stair we were so tired and then we press lots of buttons and we saw a factory so the girl told all the things what they do to the tanks.

Then after we finish all the words we picture and say ice cream! and there was a automatic car over there  and then we said it again.

Then we went to the other one there was a big tank and we talk about things inside in the tanks.
And then we went to the other one there was lots of tanks and the people working there and then there were saying  hello.

Then the girl said do you want to see the special room and we said yes  then when
Were there we get ice cream and sat down and eat and watch.

Then we went  down to go to the toilet and get a water.

And the teachers told to the  parent to go to the playground with the children.

Then we went to the playground and play in 30 minutes and then the bus came and then we went school and write about tip top factory.

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windy afternoon

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The wind and the sun was fighting for who is stronger.

The wind was destroying all roof and the sun was protecting the world.

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winter morning

railey peom

Today we were learning to write a poem using free verses. We went outside to brainstorm words about what we saw, heard, smelt and felt. Then I wrote my poem. I had to choose my words carefylly.

The leaves are falling  in the ground there were slowly going down there are wet
And the sun was coming to be shine
And the leaves are turning to red.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

sources of carbohydrates

                Sources of carbohydrates
Image result for what is of sources of carbohydrates
Image result for rice

                    Image result for wheat

          Image result for oats  
                     Image result for beans
                     Image result for soya beans
                   Image result for millet
                   Image result for lentils
                   Image result for barley
Image result for pasta
Image result for bread
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Thursday, June 1, 2017

bad effect of sugar

Cola cola                                    Image result for cola

                                      36 grams
Mountain dew             Image result for mountain dew
                      77 grams
     Hot chocolate     Image result for hot chocolate    
                       10 grams natural sugar

sprite                    Image result for sprite
                              9 grams natural sugar
 Strawberry juice             Image result for strawberry juice
                              0.8 grams natural sugar
Banana juice                 Image result for banana juice      
                               10 grams natural sugar                      
           Grapes juice            Image result for grape juice           
                               14 grams
          Tomato juice   Image result for tomato juice          
                              3.6 grams natural sugar
        Orange juice                Image result for orange juice  
                         8 grams natural sugar
           Vegetable juice    Image result for vegetable juice
                       2.1 grams natural sugar
 Coconut juice          Image result for coconut water
                      2.6 grams natural sugar
        Tangerine juice         Image result for tangerine juice
                      10 gram natural sugar


bad effect of sugar

Image result for sugar
Sugar is bad for you because the sugar can turn you crazy

If we eat heaps of sugar we can get cancer.

If we eat heaps of sugar that makes us super fat.

If we get fat and we eat lots of sugar we can’t ran .
Sugar present per serving:

Cola Cola - 36 gram of sugar.

Mountain dew -  77 grams of sugar.

Hot chocolate - 10 grams of sugar.

Sprite - 9 gram of sugar.

Strawberry juice - 0.8 gram of sugar.

Banana juice - 10 gram of sugar.

Grapes juice - 14 gram of sugar.

Tomato juice - 3.6 gram of sugar.

Orange  juice - 8 gram of sugar.

Vegetable juice - 2.1 gram of sugar.

Coconut water - 2.6 gram of sugar.

Tangerine  juice - 10 gram of sugar.

Juice - 9 gram of sugar.