Wednesday, June 21, 2017

te tui

                       The teui
 Yesterday we went to the  te tui with parent’s. when we were there we lined up and went to the te tui and then ms sharma talked to the girl then we all went and followed the girl and then all my friends saw lots of pipes in there.And then the girl said my name in soleme then she told all the things what they got there .And  then we went to the class program and the girl said to our class to come. And get a apron and we sat down in the chair and see the paper and then the girl said look at her.and she told us everything about tapa and then we color the paper with brown and then she teach us how to paint the whole paper and then we did it and then we draw our things and then we paint with a super black paint and then we wipe the table and wash our hand and lined up and then we walk to the outside and we try the shower and it work then we went to inside and looked the things what they got then we went to their to the news and  she told us what's happening to television and then we went to the creepy sound it was about they made a dirt they buy it and then we sat down and watch after leave we talk about what we saw after we went to the bus.
we talk about what we saw to the te tui

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